Next Level Jobs- Fitness Coach

If you are self motivated, a problem solver, work well independently, have a PASSION for health and fitness, a positive attitude, and the willingness to learn, I have a $15-$27/hour, fun and fulfilling fitness coach position just for you.

I’m not just looking for anyone, I want someone who wants to be part of a team, working in a super positive environment, and truly wants to change people's lives. If sounds like you, read on.

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First of all, thanks for taking the time to visit this site. It’s my hope you have precisely what I need in a fitness coach so I can take this page down immediately, and put you to work in the fun and rewarding coaching position I have available.

You should have arrived here because you saw my employment ad on facebook or our newsletter:

Fitness Coach, $15-$27/hour, excellent attitude, people person,
growth/bonus opportunities

My studio is located at 1919 Electric Road, Roanoke, VA 24018. Right next to H2O Car Wash and the same building as Spine and Orthopedic Rehab.

So, let me tell you about my company and the coaching position.

Here at Next Level Fitness and Healing “We transform lives!” We take out of shape, pain stricken bodies and minds, and help them do things they thought were impossible. We help people live the life they dreamed of by teaching them how to take control of their health and fitness. 

We specialize in corrective exercise to improve the body’s posture and correct dysfunctional movement patterns to allow our clients to perform at their very best. We use a holistic approach when working with our clients. That means we look at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body when we are designing nutrition and fitness programs and working with each person on a individual bases. We base a lot of our coaching principles from Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek and the CHEK Institute.

That is ok if you don’t know these things. These can be taught, but you will need to have an open mind and be willing to learn and invest your time and money in your profession. I'm looking for someone who is passionate about health and fitness, enthusiastic, self-motivated, wants to be part of a team but independent, and desires to be a Professional Health and Fitness Coach, not just a personal trainer. I'm looking for someone who WANTS TO CHANGE PEOPLE'S LIVES.

Let me explain a little more how we work with our clients.

All clients begin with an initial 12-week coaching package, which includes nutrition counseling, whole food supplements, orthopedic assessment, functional movement screen, exercise program design, monthly fitness assessments, and weekly training sessions here at the studio. We currently offer one-on-one and semi-private coaching programs.

If you are hired for this coaching position, you'll begin learning the Next Level Fitness and Healing approach to fitness coaching and corrective exercise.

Bottom line: you’ll starting out part time, training clients at minimum $15 per hour (pay based on experience). After a 90 day grace period a full evaluation will be done to determine a good fit for my business. Next Level Fitness and Healing offers a super positive, fun environment, nice training equipment, and the opportunity to learn a holistic approach to training clients.

Tasks You will be Expected to Preform

  • Develop comprehensive health and fitness programs for clients. You’ll receive coaching and training on our fitness system and programs, but you’ll have the flexibility to incorporate your training style.

  • Tracking client progress. To ensure a client's success in our programs, you'll need to track weekly progress, current successes and challenges, review client nutrition and exercise log worksheets, and more on a weekly basis. It will be your job to hold a client accountable to his/her health and fitness program to ensure the best results possible.

  • Perform fitness evaluations. Ideally, you'll have some fitness assessment skills and can test for: body composition, body weight, girth measurements, and various strength and flexibility tests. You do not need previous experience, but if you do, that's a bonus.

  • Coach clients through 12-week program. You'll be responsible for weekly exercise sessions and keeping detailed weekly progress reports on the clients you’re working with. If a client is having challenges throughout his/her program, you'll coach and motivate them, and make appropriate changes to ensure consistent progress.

  • Demonstrate proper exercise instruction. This is a big one. I need you to be able to provide proper coaching, instruction, and motivation during a client training session. You should have a working knowledge of the human body (i.e. muscles, movements, functions, etc.), and be able to provide appropriate exercises for client’s goals.

  • Provide ongoing health and fitness education. Our clients rely on us to service all of their health and fitness needs. It is your job as a fitness coach to provide your clients with health and fitness education on various topics that empower them to lead healthy lives forever.  You'll be provided with educational tools and resources, be expected to study them, and speak about them with our clients. We also spend time covering this in our bi-monthly staff meetings. 

Core Competencies

  • Honesty and integrity – Does not cut corners ethically.  Earns trust and maintains confidences.  Speaks plainly and truthfully.
  • Punctual- Must be 15 mins early for all coaching sessions 
  • Intelligence – Learns quickly.  Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information. 
  • High standards – Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best. 
  • Teamwork – Reaches out to peers and cooperates with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship. 
  • Work ethic – Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done.  Has a track record of working hard. 
  • Efficiency – Able to product significant output with minimal wasted effort. 
  • Flexibility/adaptability – Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions.  Copes effectively with complexity and change.

Required Skills

These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for this position:

  • Good communication skills. You will be talking with clients, who are VERY important to me. You must be comfortable conversing in-person and on the phone, and know how to conduct yourself professionally and deliver clear instructions to the clients. I’ll teach you everything you need to do during a training session, but I can’t teach you manners and professionalism.

  • People skills and personality. You must LOVE working with people and PASSIONATE about health and fitness! As mentioned above you must be very comfortable working with people. You must be able to show your clients energy and excitement while working with them.

  • Health and fitness education. You need to have some personal training experience, and a working knowledge of health, fitness, and body mechanics.

Bonus Skills

If you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don’t have these skills, you should still apply because they are not mandatory).

  • Previous personal training experience (fitness studio, health club, in-home trainer, etc.)

  • Basic nutrition knowledge 

  •  CHEK Institute certification

  • Personal Training certification*

  • CPR certified*

*will need to be employee

How To Apply

I’m looking to hire the right person relatively quickly. If this job sounds good to you, then email me at with the subject line “Hiring a Fitness Coach”. Complete these questions below in the email and I’ll contact you by phone:

  1. Name, Email, Phone, Address, City, State, Zip.

  1. Tell me a little about your background?

  1. What interests you most about this position?

  2. What experience, education, and/or certifications do you hold that would make you a good fit for this position?

  3. What interpersonal (i.e. people) skills do you possess that would make you an exceptional coach?

  4. What do you feel makes you stand out above all other applicants for this position?

  1. What are you most passionate about?

Again, thanks very much for your interest,

Ronny Angell

Owner, Next Level Fitness and Healing

P.S. This is NOT a corporate type of structure job. I am an entrepreneurial small business owner. This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough. Next Level Fitness and Healing Studio is everything to me – It’s my livelihood and passion. Performance is everything to me. If you perform, you will be rewarded. I want nothing more than to find a person who takes pride in doing great work and taking care of our clients. If that's you, I promise that $15/hour is only the starting point. I recognize and reward performance.

With all that said, as I mentioned in the headline on this page, self-motivated, a problem solver, independent, passion, a positive attitude, and willingness to learn, go a long way in my book. I’m a very positive, upbeat business owner and appreciate those qualities in others. As long as you have the basic skills I mentioned, and the personal traits listed above you’re definitely a candidate! So submit your information today!