Angel Intuitive

As a trained Angel Intuitive Ronny believes your angels are always ready to assist you in any and all aspects of your life. Angels are multi-dimensional, energetic beings of love and light that are willing to help you in all aspects of your life and await your invitation.

Ronny works with Archangel cards to bring clear guidance and messages to the questions you are seeking.

During an Angel Healing session:

As an Angel Intuitive and Healer, Ronny works with the angelic realm and the energy of the angels to help him bring messages and healing to his clients.

In his Angel work, Ronny helps brings clients angelic guidance in the various aspects of their life and/or healing at the energetic level.

Perhaps you need guidance in finding your soulmate. Or perhaps you need clarification in knowing what to do about your career and/or finances. Maybe, you need assistance with other important life issues, like your health, moving or the sale of your home.

During the 1-hour Angelic Healing session Ronny will connect to the angelic realm to ask for answers to your questions and clear messages. His work with his Angel clients includes but is not limited to:

  • Help in clarifying your Life Purpose’s work
  • Addressing Health issues and concerns
  • Romance Relationships
  • Past Life Issues or Patterns that may be affecting you in this lifetime.
  • Healing from past and present issues that are limiting your ability to live a fulfilled life
  • Difficult Life Transitions and Decision-making

He may receive message to do healing on the client’s energetic body, which may include:

Energetic cord cutting

Chakra clearing, aligning and balancing

Past Life Healing-to remove residual energy that hinders you in this life

An Angel Card reading session, spiritual guidance, and healing with the Archangels is included in most sessions.

Most clients report, a sense of clarity, direction, release of recurring negative patterns, fears, or beliefs, and increase in positive energy.

Ronny is a very compassionate and responsible lightworker. He understands that you have your own free-will and our sessions will always honor that code of ethics. You, ultimately, decide if and when you wish to move with the messages given at our session.

Angelic Intuitive and Healing session (1 hour) -$90

Angel Card Readings (30 Mins)- Receive messages for 1-2 questions (if time permits)-$45

Angel Party- Group Angel Card Readings and intuitive guidance for special occasions at your home, our office-location, or at designated Angel party location — ($120/hour for up to 4 hours (2-hour minimum). (Small additional mileage fee may apply for locations further than 20 miles from our office.)

Angelic Clearings:

House, Office, or Property-1 1/2 to 2 Hours -- $180 to $240. Angelic and energetic releasing of negative energy, discarnates, and entities from homes, businesses, and/or properties. Additional fee may apply for larger properties or if your location is over 20 miles from our office.

These healing and spiritual guidance sessions can be done in person, phone, or remotely online. You may call to schedule an appointment by calling 540-444-4422 or book online.

**Kindly provide 24-hour confirmation-notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late Cancellation Fee/No Show Fee is $50.**