Shamanic Practitioner

In many Indigenous and Shamanic cultures across the world a shaman is a person that is able to journey to Upper and/or Lower Worlds to meet their Compassionate Helping Spirit guides and/or Teachers and bring back messages and healing for people. It is these shamans, that also bring back spiritual power to help people fend off diseases and illnesses. Many of these same cultures believe that when we are born with power animal(s) called to guide and protect us throughout our lives.

As a trained shamanic practitioner Ronny is trained to do:

  • shamanic extraction
  • power animal retrieval
  • restoring lost power
  • divination questions where client is seeking guidance
  • power-soul retrieval
  • psychopomp

Shamanic work is often helpful for people who have undergone a loss of power in their lives and have experienced or are currently undergoing:

  • Mental Pain and Suffering as a result of:
    • trauma or traumatic events
    • abuse (physical, emotional, psychological, sexual)
    • loss of a loved one
  • Emotional
    • chronic anger
    • chronic depression
    • suicidal tendencies
  • Physical pain
    • severe or chronic illness
    • as a result of ongoing cancer treatment
    • from accidents

During a Core Shamanic Healing, Counseling or Divination Session, Ronny will journey to connect with his Compassionate Helping Spirits and/or Power Animals and ask what type of healing or guidance is needed for the client today.

The Spirit Guides and Teachers will then tell Ronny what the client needs and with the consent of the client, Ronny will bring healing to the client.

Core Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Counseling, or Divination Session

1.5 Hour--$135. Includes feedback/suggestions

Shamanic House, Office, or Property Clearing -- 1 1/2 to 2 Hours -- $180 to $240. Shamanic techniques are employed, including psycho-pomping, to remove low-power suffering beings from the home, business, and/or property. (Additional fee may apply for larger property or if your location is over 20 miles from our office.)

**Kindly provide 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late Cancellation Fee/No Show Fee is $50.**