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Nicole Lenderking, Mom, 45

I started going to Ronny for two things:  strength training so I could run pain free, and to lose weight. Not only have I done both, but I've 'gained' so much more from Ronny than I ever imagined.  

He loves what he does, and truly cares for all of his clients.  He learns YOUR strengths and weaknesses and plans your workouts accordingly.  He's always by your side when you're working out, making sure you're doing exercises correctly so you don't get hurt.  He pushes you beyond what you may think you have...because he sees it's there.   

It's so much more than just the right way to hold a kettlebell or do a plank.  It's nutrition, strength training, teaching your body how to breathe better and more efficiently.  It's energy, self realization, confidenceperseverance. 

Ronny's zest for a healthy lifestyle is honest and contagious.  My journey has been far beyond what I ever imagined, and he's been extremely supportive.  He will be for you, too.  

Nicole Lenderking, Mom, 45