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T Cooper, Entrepreneur, 44

Over the last 4 years I have had surgeries, injuries, and pain. I’m thankful that I have had Ronny to work with throughout this time.

Ronny is very talented when it comes to analyzing the problem I'm having and keeping it safe while still working out. When I realized that Ronny was able to train me in a fashion that increases my resilience so that I don't get hurt, working out with him was a no-brainier.

Ronny’s knowledge and passion seem to go hand in hand. Oftentimes, I bring up something that hurts and Ronny will say something like, I just read an article about that. I believe in his time off, Ronny is still educating himself on how to better "train" his clients. Truly, if you are interested in working out with a trainer or lifestyle coach, you want the one with the most knowledge and passion for the subject.

I personally think of Ronny as a friend. Simply put, he's just a nice, trustworthy, quality guy.

T Cooper, Entrepreneur, 44