Next Level Fitness and Healing is Roanoke and Salem's only fitness business that specializes in corrective exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. We help people get out of pain and lose weight to allow them to live the active life they dreamed of, without their bodies being the limiting factor.

We use a detailed Orthopedic Evaluation and stress analysis to identify areas of imbalance and design personalized programs to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our purpose is to create a culture that changes people's lives by building healthy nutritional foundations, functional movement exercises, daily spiritual practices, and alternative healing modalities. We use a Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology (C.H.E.K.) science-based exercise philosophy and the C.H.E.K Approach with nutrition.

Our coaches have experience working with clients of all ages, but we excel with middle-aged athletes and "Baby Boomers" seeking to live active lifestyles. We communicate and motivate exceptionally well, and have the skills and the knowledge to help anyone achieve their personal goals.

At Next Level Fitness and Healing our mission is to use a holistic approach to help our clients increase their athletic performance, develop healthy active lifestyles, and provide healing to achieve optimal health, vitality, and wellness for a lifetime.

My journey with Ronny… a gift from my sweet husband for my 50th birthday. A one-month jump start session with a trainer, three times a week for an hour each session turned into a year and half journey!To say that I was scared, nervous and embarrassed of my body is a huge understatement. Ronny had worked with a dear friend of mine with beautiful results, could he do the same for me? I went to the initial appointment which consisted of photos, measurements, lots of questions, the most important question being "what are your goals?". Had not thought about body/health goals in a long time but answered honestly… I want the next 50 years to be healthy, active and better than the first 50!

Ronny was kind, professional, honest and patient, all traits that I find to be very important.

We started with breathing, water, stretching, walking (20 minutes a day) and sleep. Truly the basics, easy and challenging at the same time` needed to break the habit of not enough water, chest breathing instead of full body breaths, walking (who has time for that) and sleep.

A year and half later, I am 25 pounds lighter, I walk because of my love of how I feel when I am done (still 20 minutes a day with running thrown in for fun), lift weights because I can (now), hiking with my family, mountain biking, no more back pain, drink water because it is now my drink of choice, take vitamins and eat a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins… all of this is because of my desire to have a healthy life and because Ronnie truly believes in what he is teaching!! He hung in there with me when I would come in full of energy or full of tears adjusting what he had planned for me based on my needs when walking in the door. Some days stretching and energy work with Reiki thrown in and other days hitting it hard with strength training, sweating like a mad woman. Ronnie was always ready to supply the cheese to go with my whine…

Ronny never sugar coated the journey, it would be damn hard but nothing that I couldn't do… strong, mindful and healthy! Mary C.