Nicole Lenderking, Mom, 45

I started going to Ronny for two things: strength training so I could run pain free, and to lose weight. Not only have I done both, but I've 'gained' so much more from Ronny than I ever imagined.

He loves what he does, and truly cares for all of his clients. He learns YOUR strengths and weaknesses and plans your workouts accordingly. He's always by your side when you're working out, making sure you're doing exercises correctly so you don't get hurt. He pushes you beyond what you may think you have...because he sees it's there.

It's so much more than just the right way to hold a kettlebell or do a plank. It's nutrition, strength training, teaching your body how to breathe better and more efficiently. It's energy, self realization, confidence, perseverance.

Ronny's zest for a healthy lifestyle is honest and contagious. My journey has been far beyond what I ever imagined, and he's been extremely supportive. He will be for you, too.

Nicole Lenderking, Mom, 45


Mary Lou Bruce, 64

Ronny Angell is the best trainer ever! He cares about his clients' health, conditioning, and any other issues they may have. He has devoted his money and time through education on everything from nutrition, training equipment, anatomy, and ways to treat the mind and soul. I am a 64 year old female with Type 1 Diabetes. I started training with Ronny in order to strengthen and tone my body, but I have gotten so much more from working with Ronny. I'm eating healthier and have been able to cut back the amount of insulin that I give myself everyday. I travel a lot, but I'm always excited to train with Ronny on my return home.

Mary Lou Bruce 64


Jon Brisley, Optometrist, 52

Ronny has made an incredible difference in my life and well-being. By doing a very detailed analysis of my current physical condition, then assessing my needs and goals, he formulated a well-thought-out and personalized plan.

Prior to working with Ronny I could not sleep through the night or stand for more than 15 minutes due to back pain. By improving my flexibility and core strength we quickly eliminated my back and neck pain. Next we addressed my other goals of building upper body muscle strength and improving my skiing agility and endurance. As a result of working with Ronny I feel 15 years younger. Also as my goals change Ronny modifies my training to address those challenges.

Ronny's knowledge of how fitness, anatomy, physiology, and lifestyle decisions impact our total well-being is unparalleled. I trust his advice implicitly with regards to my desire to live a healthier and more active life.

Jon Brisley, Optometrist, 52

T Cooper, Entrepreneur, 44

Over the last 4 years I have had surgeries, injuries, and pain. I'm thankful that I have had Ronny to work with throughout this time.

Ronny is very talented when it comes to analyzing the problem I'm having and keeping it safe while still working out. When I realized that Ronny was able to train me in a fashion that increases my resilience so that I don't get hurt, working out with him was a no-brainier.

Ronny's knowledge and passion seem to go hand in hand. Oftentimes, I bring up something that hurts and Ronny will say something like, I just read an article about that. I believe in his time off, Ronny is still educating himself on how to better "train" his clients. Truly, if you are interested in working out with a trainer or lifestyle coach, you want the one with the most knowledge and passion for the subject.

I personally think of Ronny as a friend. Simply put, he's just a nice, trustworthy, quality guy.

T Cooper, Entrepreneur, 44

Geoff Harter, Physician, 59

I have had the pleasure of working with Ronny for the past several years. He has a terrific ability to match the workout not only to the goal (or goals) of his clients, but also to their condition that day --- such as recovering from injury, fatigue, or illness. Ronny always keeps the "big picture" in mind, as regards his clients' goals. Mine change as I want to work on a different muscle groups or improve a particular exercise. His thoughtful approach to planning the workouts always keeps that as the ultimate goal. He also exudes enthusiasm and support throughout my sessions.

Most recently, after having achieved yet another certification, he has been working to help me correct 30 years of very bad posture. His approach is objective and based on years of research. I have already seen tremendous results which have made a difference in my activities throughout the day.
There is no question, whether you are an elite athlete or just starting to exercise, Ronny is capable of taking your training to a higher level.

Geoff Harter, Physician, 59